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Music is a universal source of pleasure. It transports listeners and performers alike into another world of deep feeling and satisfaction.

Music lessons open up a lifetime of enjoyment.

Making music contributes beauty and harmony throughout our world.

Learning to make music has many other benefits. The effort required to develop musical skills delivers extra oxygen to the brain, increases physical coordination and concentrates attention in a natural, meditative way.

Music lessons should be a joyful and rewarding experience. That is my main goal during every lesson I share with my students.

A variety of music from Bach to the Beatles, and everything in between, is offered to every student. A Music Games approach with 5 to 7-year-old children ensures that their first memories of learning an instrument are full of delight….

My teaching approach is designed so each student is:
• Having fun making music
• Developing an exciting and varied repertoire
• Learning technical skills & theory with each piece
• Playing melodies by ear and chording accompaniments
• Reading and writing music
• Feeling/Seeing/Knowing rhythmic patterns & notation
• Experiencing success and accomplishment
• Enjoying performance opportunities

The piano is an incredible instrument and an excellent choice for all ages. It is extremely versatile on its own as well as with endless combinations of other instruments.

Piano proficiency provides an excellent foundation for mastering other instruments and singing.

With its ease of playing and layout from low to high, the piano is also perfect for the study of music theory.

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