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Recitals are scheduled near the end of the school year. Students work on various aspects of performance including:

• Presenting oneself with confidence
• Calming techniques before playing
• Picking effective, but reasonable tempos
• Minimizing and moving past mistakes
• Bowing
• Listening intelligently and politely

Making music for others should be a joyful, exhilarating experience. Nothing makes me cringe more than hearing, “I loved piano, but playing at the recitals was so nerve-wracking that I quit.” Every effort is made to give students performance opportunities that are supportive and enjoyable.

• Students can have their music open on the piano in case they blank out.
• Memorization is encouraged, but not required.
• Attendance by all students is strongly recommended, but participation is voluntary.
• Potluck parties follow each recital, increasing positive feelings about performance as well as the chance to interact with other students.

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